Why bother riding a heavy and big bike?
I think many gymkhana riders today feel that way.
Gymkhana is a small, light and powerful bike that seeks time. . .
just ask for time. . That would be one form. . I think that’s great.


But I’m different
I want to be able to handle any bike freely. .
That ‘s my dream as a rider! my dream. .
I have been chasing that dream for over 30 years.

So if the ZRX1100 or 1200 is based on the CB1300, it would be cool if you could control it freely. .
That’s what I think.

How much other vehicles can handle machines in various categories? I wonder if that feeling is strong. .

How far can you run with a TE310 or DRZ400 motard?
How far can you run if you ride MT07 or Ninja 400 road sports?
How far can you run with the latest liter naked GSXS1000 or the upcoming Z900?
Grom? How about riding an SS CBR600 or GSXR750?

Any bike can bring out the potential of the machine and run on par with the top teams. .
That’s my dream as a rider. . It’s worth it.
Even if your grades aren’t great, your dreams are worth more than that.

There used to be a lot of riders who could enjoy such a dream together, but there aren’t many these days~

Well, in order to pursue a dream, it’s not enough just to have the ability to develop machines and a strong feeling of physical strength for a long time. .
It’s been a really long time, and now I think I had a great time.

This dream continues. How much can you control the Z900? I’m looking forward to it.


2 thoughts on “Dream

  1. Alexis Robles says:

    I am also looking forward to seeing Sakuta-San ride the Z900. I love Kawasaki bikes and I am excited to see him ride another powerful Kawasaki. Good luck with the new challenge and project.

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